Blog Post # 10

Can your PLN be used to help professional development post-course? If yes, how? If no, what limitations exist?

PLNs can help with professional development after the course. My PLN will gather many students and mentors who are in the same major as me. Within my PLN, people can communicate with each other. Thus, they can share their insights and knowledge. We can also plan our future together.

Can your PLN be relied on to open professional opportunities?

Although PLN is mainly part of my study content. But I think there may be some employers who will pay attention to my PLN and they may be interested in my expertise or my skills. This will enhance my career opportunities.

Blog Post #9

What is media literacy?

Media literacy is an important tool for people to gain understanding of the media messages they create. Media literacy allows people to make people objective and fair about the media messages they see. And thus not be misled.

Why is it important?

Because many media outlets nowadays no longer have accuracy as the first priority of information. They are more interested in exposure and speed. Therefore, it is important for everyone to have a certain level of media literacy.

Why is it dismissed?

Media literacy is a new concept. It is still in the development stage. As well as the expansion of information nowadays. People are easily confused by many messages. Some inflammatory ones also tend to make people lose their judgment.

Why should you aim for varied views but the factual consensus in your PLN?

Anyone has the right to express his or her own opinion. Not necessarily their own views are completely correct. And other people’s different views can help us to see ourselves. Doubt about ourselves can sometimes help us understand new things.

Blog Post #8

Explore the video provided and reflect on the themes of a PLN in a professional capacity.

According to the video, Brad Baker involved lots of helping aboriginal people and anti-racism activities. Brad Baker build a PLN through social media that gather people who have same opinion and ideal with him. His PLN shared what he did for his work that helped aboriginal people. This is a great way to get the word out.

Which social media platforms are beneficial in education?

There are many professional learning social platforms such as quizlet or MOOC, which are relatively professional learning platforms that combine many learning resources for people to find and use. The specialized knowledge and detailed classification helps people to find the type of learning they want more easily. They can solve their problems. On the other hand, social platforms such as Twitter or Discord can also be very useful for learning. People can exchange ideas with each other on social media platforms. Have friendly discussions and exchanges. Get new ways of learning in the process of communication. Expand our horizons.

Consider the equality that exists when all have the same platform to engage community dialogues.

An egalitarian environment can bring many benefits. People can share their ideas in a friendly way. PLN is a platform to work in this direction.

Blog Post#7

What are the benefits of a diverse and inclusive PLN in social media sharing that understands where you are coming from with messaging that impacts the community?

A diverse and inclusive PLN can bring many benefits. A diverse PLN allows the entire social platform to have different voices with different perspectives. People can exchange their views to their heart’s content. This also expands the horizon of users. An inclusive PLN also leads people from different fields to come together. The influence of PLNs will grow as these people come together to discuss.

Consider the audiences and how we adapt our messaging accordingly.

We can divide different areas according to different audiences. For example, the younger audience should be attracted with more popular elements. And older user groups should be attracted with more serious and precise content. But whichever way we promote, our message should be accurate and multifaceted. And it should not be a single side of the story.

Research our guest and see how they leveraged their network into a campaign. Reflect in your blog of this effort.

A great example of diversity and inclusion is our guest, Markiel Simpson, who uses his PLN to get involved in community activism and politics. Interacting with people who share his aspirations. Helping people of color and fighting for their rights. It also attracts people who share his aspirations. They learn by interacting.

Blog Post #6

How do notable individuals use social media?

Famous people use social media to extend the reach of their words and actions. For celebrities, social media can have a great impact on them. Whether it is a positive influence or a negative influence. The comments made bycelebrities on social media are infinitely amplified. Positive statements will serve as good publicity. Negative, unpleasant comments, on the other hand, can immediately cause a celebrities to lose some of its credibility. Therefore, celebrities should consider what they should say before they make it. Consider clearly the focus of what they should express. There are many misunderstandings on social networking platforms that are caused by unclear expressions and misunderstandings.

What are the benefits of being in the public eye and having a PLN?

PLN is a platform that provides communication and mutual learning. Being in the public eye allows me to reach consensus with others who share the same point of view. It also allows me to exchange opinions with people who have different views from mine. Being in the public eye also allows me to have an open mind so that I am not easily misled by one-sided information.

Building community with online tools provided by the employer can be limiting, what are the perceived restrictions and benefits?

Online communities such as Twitter or Instagram. They have the advantage of having a large user base. I can find the group or topic I want to follow by keyword search in a very short time. The limitation is that these online platforms are often accompanied by ads. Although there is an option to reduce the display of ads. However, there are still countless ads appearing on the social platform every day. It’s a very bad experience for users.

Delivering information in a connected society requires verifiable resources, how to build a PLN to rely on?

PLN should first have a certain amount of user groups with common topics. And these user groups should have more effective information exchange. To ensure that our public relations network is reliable.

How do those, who are veteran storytellers, minimize risk in sharing misinformation?

Veteran Storyteller should be aware that it has a large audience. So when it comes to making sure that you are not misleading by spreading misinformation. You need to validate your statements from multiple sources before you make them. Validate your point of view from different perspectives. Thus minimizing the risk.

Blog Post #5

How would you create a PLN prior to engaging a social media campaign on a topic of your choice?

In my opinion, to create a fun and attractive social media campaign that can gather many people to follow up. My PLN need to be interesting. Before I create my PLN, I have to make sure what my core audiences are. How to attract them to follow. I can learn from some people from the same area with my topic. Also, in the community, I can find people who have same point of view with me. These people could be my first audience of my social media campaign.

Choose a topic, consider your audiences, and consider how you would crate a social media campaign leveraging your PLN.

My topic is ACGN, the general term of animation, comic, game and novel. In the social network, most audiences of ACGN are young people. And they are actively to communicate and share their views on social networks. I can make some my own art work of ACGN, and post it on my PLN. This may attract some of my audience to my PLN. They can discuss topics with me. Share their own different opinions. We can also discuss the artwork we made, and I can learn more from them.

Comment Contribution

Blog#1 & #2

I agree with you. The anonymity of the internet isn’t really anonymous. Unless you have extremely advanced technology to cover your tracks. Otherwise, you will be tracked no matter what you do on the internet.


I understand very well that you run two social networks with different perspectives at the same time. The same is true for me. Two different voices make us understand things better. Not being carried away by a single message.


When different people bring different perspectives to the table. Our viewpoints expand as well. A diverse PLN can help us get those. Thank you for your sharing.


You have a very interesting point of view. For someone who has no experience with fitness. I am very much looking forward to your PLN. hope your platform will help many fitness people.


I agree with your point. Social media is a completely open and public platform. Anyone can browse and comment. This allows the impact of one’s words to be magnified infinitely, depending on the number of views his words receive. There are pros and cons to this. Social platforms allow people to have more influence and also bring more negative voices.


Thanks for sharing. It’s true that social media need to know public’s preference. People will always be attracted to what is popular. And the lesser noticed views are more likely to attract an audience.


Hello, The platform can expand people’s minds. It helps a part of the population that is too shy to express itself. When a part of people don’t know how to express themselves. Retweeting posts with similar views can help them a lot.


I agree that people need to have the ability to distinguish between right and wrong information. PLN should gather people with different views. Otherwise, when people only see one-sided information, they are confused. Thus, they cannot judge the real information.


I agree, PLN is a two-way public platform. Both employers and employees can reach each other. Job seekers in the same direction can share their work experience at PLN. Also employers can find the people they need more precisely on PLN.

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